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A Healthy New Start with Personal Trainer Food

Good news, bad news as far as my weight loss journey. The bad news is I gained nearly 7 lbs. since the holidays. The good news is I'm making a fresh start with Personal Trainer Food! During the blizzard we experienced the week before last, I realized another reason to have meal-delivery service is in case you can't get to the store due to weather, illness, or if your car is in the repair shop. The roads leading to and within our community were not plowed for a couple of days and with snow drifts up to 5' in some areas, they were impassible. There was also a travel ban on non-essential vehicles so I was extra thankful to see my order from Personal Trainer Food arrive. 

One of the first entrees I tried was the new Dill Chicken Bites. They were soooo delicious. Just the right amount of breading and dill flavoring. I love chicken and am happy to see Personal Trainer Food offers so many flavorful ways of preparing it. 

Another fave, the Breaded Chicken Patty. I added baby romaine, sunflower seeds, shredded cheese and a little ranch dressing. This is great to take to work for lunch, just pop the chicken patty in the microwave for 2 minutes. And nothing beats the convenience of having a tasty and healthy dinner ready in minutes after a long day at work. 

I've been on a bit of an eating spree since the holidays and this frigid weather is not helping. I'm going back to weighing myself every day. It's too easy for me to slip up without doing so, and before I know it, I've gained 10 lbs. Starting weight is 141.8 lbs. 

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