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Personal Trainer Food Part 3

As I was enjoying one of the meals from Personal Trainer Food, it occurred to me, in addition to those who want to lose weight or anyone who wants a break from cooking, the convenience of this plan would be ideal for anyone who doesn't enjoy ~ or can't ~ cook. 

It really couldn't be simpler. Meals and veggies are easily identified through the see-thru packaging and the name of the entree is stamped on the packaging. All you have to do is choose a meal and pop in the microwave at home or in the office and in 2 minutes it's ready. 

Included in my order were 3 bottles of sauces ~ Sriracha, Garlic Butter and White Cheddar Bacon. I add a few squirts of the Garlic Butter Sauce to all the veggies. And speaking of veggies, I don't think I've ever eaten so many in my life! One healthy portion is included with each lunch and dinner. There are 19 veggie options to choose from and most have a variety in each ready-to-heat package.  

I lost another lb. this week and am on my way to my pre-cruise weight. Don't forget you can save $200 off any 28-day meal plan with promo code Chic200. To learn more about Personal Trainer Food and view the entire menu, visit  And be sure to follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for diet tips, recipes, and fun giveaways.


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