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Personal Trainer Food Part 4

I'm just finishing up my 4th week on Personal Trainer Food. Thought I would share a roundup of some of my fave entrees for those who will be trying the plan for the first time. Overall, I have enjoyed the chicken entrees the most. One surprise, was the Maple Sausages. I normally do not like, or eat, sausages so most of the breakfast entrees I ordered contained bacon. I found myself craving the sausages on several mornings once they were gone. A clear favorite in the breakfast category was the Cheddar Omelette with Maple Sausage. I did find a trick for crisping the bacon after heating in the plastic bag which is to wrap the bacon in a paper towel and pop in microwave for an additional 60 seconds. Below are some of my favorite lunch and dinner entrees, as well as veggies, in no particular order ~
  • Monterey Jack Chicken Stix and Buffalo Ranch Chicken Stix ~ these were my go-to lunch entrees.

  • Breaded Chicken Patty
  • Capri Vegetables
  • Delicious Chicken Filet
  • Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Zesty Chicken Strips 

Lots of holiday parties this week laden with delicious desserts so it was tough to stick to the diet. My friend Connie made a beautiful presentation, this picture is only part of it, but I was happy there were some healthy choices {although I helped myself to some of the desserts as well}. 

I gained .6 lbs. this week. I have to say the gain had nothing to do with the plan and everything to do with my caving to temptation and overindulging. The company asked me to continue blogging for another month and since I don't think I gave the plan my all ~ or a fair shot with all the holiday partying I've been doing ~ I will be starting fresh the first week of January. 

For anyone wanting to try the plan with me, you can still save $200 off any 28-day meal plan with promo code Chic200. To learn more about Personal Trainer Food and view the entire menu, visit Be sure to follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for diet tips, recipes, and fun giveaways. 


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