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Oreck® Air Response Air Purifier Review

We tested the Oreck® Air Response™ Air Purifier featuring DustSense™ Technology which automatically monitors the air, detects and removes harmful particles. It's essential for anyone with allergies, asthma, pets or if there are smokers in the house. It's also perfect if you're moving into an apartment or pre-owned home or are renting a vacation home to remove unwanted mold spores, smoke, odors, dust, dirt, food and cooking odors.

It's as quiet as a mouse and includes a "lights off" feature so it can even run while you or your guests are sleeping. A color-coded indicator bar shows the level of air quality in the room, the blue line illuminated below indicates a low particle count thank you very much. ☺

It's lightweight and compact, and its sleek design blends with any decor.  As you can see, it takes up very little space in our small guest room.

A two-stage filtration system includes a carbon filter which removes odors a HEPA media filter which captures 99% of unwanted particles in the air. Watch the video to see the Oreck® Air Response™ Air Purifier in action ~ 

Available in three sizes, the small is ideal for a room up to 140 square feet and retails for $179.99, the medium is designed for rooms up to 205 square feet, MSRP: $229.99, and the large is ideal for rooms up to 295 square feet and retails for $269.99. Air Response™ comes with a two-year limited warranty and free shipping is available at Connect with Oreck on Twitter and Facebook and be the first to know about the company's innovative product launches.


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