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Starting Week 18 on Nutrisystem

It's week 18 with Nutrisystem ~ time sure flies when you're having fun! This past week included a getaway with my sister. I packed a bag filled with Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, snacks, powerfuels and water.  I didn't get in as much exercise while away as I have been and we ate dinners out, so I caught myself worrying about this week's weigh-in more than a few times. The good news is we had a wonderful time and I actually missed my morning walks in the pool. This is a first for me, I have never enjoyed exercising enough to miss it. Major break-thru here!!! The bad news is I gained 2 lbs. while I was gone. 

There is a silver lining though! Seeing the gain actually motivated me to push myself even harder when I returned home.  I told a few friends about the weight gain and they made sure I got in some extra walking around the neighborhood, biking to the bay, and water walking this weekend. I'm very appreciative of the encouragement and support I continue to receive on this journey. It seems as though nearly everyone in our community knows I'm on the Nutrisystem plan. I wonder if they all read the above note my friends, Sandy and Donna, and I wrote in the sand at our quaint little bay beach. ☺☺We'll have to recreate the pic at Rehoboth Beach after the crowds dissipate in the Fall to capture the foaming surf when the tide is rolling in. Jumping waves...there's a thought for a fun exercise, I wonder how many calories that burns? ☺

It was a wonderful week all around and I'm anxious to see where the scale ended up. 

Down .6 lbs. for the week. These stubborn lbs. sure don't come off me as easily as they go on, but I'm happy I was able to work off the "getaway gain" and grateful to see a slight loss for the week. {feeling determined} 

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My Journey Begins ~ Starting Weight ~ 180 
Week 1 ~ Lost 6.2 lbs. ~ Weight 173.8
Week 2 ~ Lost. 1.4 lbs. ~ Weight 172.4 ~ Total Loss 7.6 lbs. 
Week 3 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 172 ~ Total loss 8 lbs.
Week 4 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 169.8 ~ Total Loss 10.2 lbs.
Week 5 ~ Lost 1.8 lbs. ~ Weight 168 ~ Total Loss 12 lbs. 
Week 6 ~ Lost .2 lbs. ~ Weight 167.8 ~ Total Loss 12.2 lbs. 
Week 7 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 165.6 ~ Total Loss 14.4 lbs. 
Week 8 ~ Lost .6 lbs. ~ Weight 165 ~ Total Loss 15 lbs. 
Week 9 ~  Lost 1.2 lbs. ~ Weight 163.8 ~ Total Loss 16.2 lbs. 
Week 10 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 163.4 ~ Total Loss 16.6 lbs. 
Week 11 ~ Lost 2 lbs. ~ Weight 161.4 ~ Total Loss 18.6 lbs. 
Week 12 ~ Lost .6 lb. ~ Weight 160.8 ~ Total Loss 19.2 lbs. 
Week 13 ~ Lost 1 lb. ~ Weight 159.8 ~ Total Loss 20.2 lbs. 
Week 14 ~ Lost 1.6 lbs. ~ Weight 158.2 ~ Total Loss 21.8 lbs. 
Week 15 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 157.8 ~ Total Loss 22.2 lbs. 
Week 16 ~ Lost 1 lb. ~ Weight 156.8 ~ Total Loss 23.2 lbs.
Week 17 ~ Lost .6 lbs. ~ Weight 156.2 ~ Total Loss 23.8 lbs. 

Until next week ...

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Lisa :

Your doing great! I love the writing in the sand!

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