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Starting Week 17 on Nutrisystem

I'm starting my 5th month on Nutrisystem. I would have never believed I would like being on a diet plan for 16 weeks, never mind still LOVING it. What do I love about it? The convenience, the individually-packaged items so I don't over indulge, and the variety of delicious food choices. Oh, yes...and the fact that IT WORKS!! I really, really love that!!

My friends and I have started a pool walking club. We meet nearly every weekday morning, weather permitting, and walk laps for an hour or two before the pool gets crowded. It seems like we're all trying to lose weight...even the skinny gals, and we're a great support system for each other. Dieting in the summer can be extra challenging with all the parties, vacation getaways, and eating out so I'm trying to up my activity whenever possible. It doesn't feel like exercise when you're catching up with your friends and it's a refreshing workout. 

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After our workout we're ready for lunch. Found this fabulous Tropical Gazpacho Recipe on The Leaf which hits the spot in this heat. 

I read water walking burns over 500 calories per hour! I hope I burned enough to move the scale downward this week ~

Another lb. gone for a 16-week total of 23.2 lbs. Even though I'd like to see more of a loss after working out so many hours this week, I've been told if you take weight off too quickly, you will likely gain it back {and then some} just as fast. I'm right in line with Nutrisystem's plan to lose an average of 1-2 lbs. per week and I can't ask for more than that. {Feeling grateful.} 

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My Journey Begins ~ Starting Weight ~ 180 
Week 1 ~ Lost 6.2 lbs. ~ Weight 173.8
Week 2 ~ Lost. 1.4 lbs. ~ Weight 172.4 ~ Total Loss 7.6 lbs. 
Week 3 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 172 ~ Total loss 8 lbs.
Week 4 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 169.8 ~ Total Loss 10.2 lbs.
Week 5 ~ Lost 1.8 lbs. ~ Weight 168 ~ Total Loss 12 lbs. 
Week 6 ~ Lost .2 lbs. ~ Weight 167.8 ~ Total Loss 12.2 lbs. 
Week 7 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 165.6 ~ Total Loss 14.4 lbs. 
Week 8 ~ Lost .6 lbs. ~ Weight 165 ~ Total Loss 15 lbs. 
Week 9 ~  Lost 1.2 lbs. ~ Weight 163.8 ~ Total Loss 16.2 lbs. 
Week 10 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 163.4 ~ Total Loss 16.6 lbs. 
Week 11 ~ Lost 2 lbs. ~ Weight 161.4 ~ Total Loss 18.6 lbs. 
Week 12 ~ Lost .6 lb. ~ Weight 160.8 ~ Total Loss 19.2 lbs. 
Week 13 ~ Lost 1 lb. ~ Weight 159.8 ~ Total Loss 20.2 lbs. 
Week 14 ~ Lost 1.6 lbs. ~ Weight 158.2 ~ Total Loss 21.8 lbs. 
Week 15 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 157.8 ~ Total Loss 22.2 lbs. 
Week 16 ~ Lost 1 lb. ~ Weight 156.8 ~ Total Loss 23.2 lbs. 

Until next week ...

Disclosure: In accordance with FTC regulations, I am disclosing as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger, I am receiving Nutrisystem food in exchange for writing about my weight loss journey. Affiliate links were not used in this post nor was any other compensation received. All reviews are my own.


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