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Starting Week 9 on Nutrisystem

As I start my last month on Nutrisystem, I can say without hesitation I love this plan. I've been collecting healthy, low-cal recipes to try and thought I'd share a couple that I think you will enjoy for summer get-togethers. You can find many more on Nutrisystem's blog, The Leaf. This Pineapple Whip sounds like a yummy, thirst-quenching treat for hot summer days ~ 
Or how about this dreamy Orange Berry Dreamsicle? ~

½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 packet Shake360: Vanilla Berry
½ cup orange juice
½ tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. orange zest
1 medium frozen banana
¼ cup ice
Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Makes 1 serving.

While everyone is firing up the grill this weekend, I'm happy to have a low-cal option which happens to be my fave pick for the week. It's the Grilled Chicken Sandwich which has a hint of garlic flavor and is just 200 calories. Of course, you can add lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, grilled peppers, etc., but it's so delicious, I usually don't add any extras. It's shipped frozen, bun included, and heats in the microwave in under 2 minutes. 

The scale was up again most of the week but thankfully my Nutrisystem order arrived on Friday so I was able to include a Turbo Shake on the remaining days. They are filled with vitamins and probiotics to help with digestion and bust belly fat, and they taste great. I'm counting on them busting some of these stubborn lbs. too, here goes ~

Down .6 lbs. for a 8 week total of 15 lbs. Not my greatest week as far as weight lost, but I consider it a victory since the holiday weekend was filled with parties and delicious-looking temptations. Getting into the habit of thinking about what I'm eating before reaching for an unhealthy choice takes time. Although I haven't strayed from the plan, I'm not confident I would be ready to make the right choices without Nutrisystem. Thankfully, I have another 4 weeks of learning to develop healthier habits. 

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Starting Weight ~ 180
Week 1 ~ Lost 6.2 lbs. ~ Weight 173.8
Week 2 ~ Lost. 1.4 lbs. ~ Weight 172,4 ~ Total Loss 7.6 lbs. 
Week 3 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Weight 172 ~ Total loss 8 lbs.
Week 4 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 169.8 ~ Total Loss 10.2 lbs.
Week 5 ~ Lost 1.8 lbs. ~ Weight 168 ~ Total Loss 12 lbs. 
Week 6 ~ Lost .2 lbs. ~ Weight 167.8 ~ Total Loss 12.2 lbs. 
Week 7 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Weight 165.6 ~ Total Loss 14.4 lbs. 
Week 8 ~ Lost .6 lbs. ~ Weight 165 ~ Total Loss 15 lbs. 

Until next week...

Disclosure: In accordance with FTC regulations, I am disclosing as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger, I am receiving 12 weeks of Nutrisystem food in exchange for writing about my weight loss journey. Affiliate links were not used in this post nor was any other compensation received. All reviews are my own.


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