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Nutrisystem Starting Week 7

This week included two separate overnight trips for me. Although I packed my Nutrisystem meals, I felt my system was off the entire week. It was clear I was retaining too much water from my swollen stomach and feet. I narrowed it down to three things I did differently ~ using sugary flavored creamers in my coffee at the hotel, not drinking enough water, and eating mushrooms and spinach which are high histamine triggers. If you're histamine intolerant, consuming even healthy foods can impede weight loss if they raise histamine levels too high. 

I'm learning, albeit slowly, that a huge part of weight management is planning, and taking a moment to think before quickly grabbing something that might not be the healthiest choice because even the small extras add up. Rather than beat myself up over it, I substituted the Vanilla Turbo Shakes for the morning snack on the remaining days. These mixes are filled with vitamins, fiber, protein and probiotics. I mix the powder in the blender with water and crushed ice for a frosty treat. 

This week's fave food pick is the Smoky BBQ Snack-A-Rounds. Love LoVe LOVE these multigrain chips made with quinoa and flax seeds that taste exactly like BBQ Potato Chips. There's about 20 chips in a single-serving bag which is 140 calories.

Although this was an off week for me and I was up nearly a pound on one of the days I peeked at the scale, I managed to squeak by a loss of .2 lbs. Considering I wasn't feeling great all week, I'll take it and hopefully have better results to report next week after making a few tweaks. 

Starting Weight ~ 180
Week 1 ~ Lost 6.2 lbs. ~ Weight 173.8
Week 2 ~ Lost. 1.4 lbs. ~ Total Loss 7.6 lbs. ~ Weight 172.4
Week 3 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Total Loss 8 lbs. ~ Weight 172
Week 4 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Total Loss 10.2 lbs. ~ Weight 169.8
Week 5 ~ Lost 1.8 lbs. ~ Total Loss 12 lbs. ~ Weight 168
Week 6 ~ Lost .2 lbs. ~ Total Loss 12.2 lbs. Weight 167.8

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Until next week...

Disclosure: In accordance with FTC regulations, I am disclosing as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger, I am receiving 12 weeks of Nutrisystem food in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey. Affiliate links were not used in this post nor was any other compensation received. All reviews are my own.


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