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Nutrisystem Starting Week 5

Wow, my first 4 weeks on Nutrisystem flew by! I'm loving the program more and more with each passing day. For those just starting, hang in there, it gets MUCH easier after the first week. Friends are starting to notice I'm losing weight which is encouraging.

One of my fave foods this week were the breakfast Biscotti Bites. When I reached the bottom of the bag, I sprinkled the leftover crumbs on top of my non-fat latte for a hint of almond flavor. I've been raving so much about the program and the food to my friends, that one suggested I have a Nutrisystem tasting party. I'll have to pass that on to my peeps at Nutrisystem because I think it's a fantastic idea to dispel some of the misconceptions many people seem to have about the taste of the food.

I continued to up my time on the bike this past week and will begin adding in a few walks to our community's Nature Center in Week 5. I was concerned this past week because to reach a 10 lb. loss in the first month, I needed to lose 2+ lbs. and my weekly average for the previous 2 weeks was .9 lbs. I've been trying different things to boost my metabolism such as eating dinner for lunch and vice versa and making sure I reach the 1,200 calories each day. Let's see if it worked ~

Woweeee down 2.2 lbs. for a total weight loss of 10.2 in 4 weeks. Not only did I reach the 10 lb. mark, I'm in the 160's!!!! Yippee!!!! Thank you, Nutrisystem! ♥ xox. 

When I logged my weight on NuMi, I instantly received an email congratulating me and letting me know I would be receiving the Nutrisystem 10-lb. goal bear. How cute are these? The little red beanie bear will need a friend, so 20 lbs. I'm coming for ya!☺

For weight loss tips, inspiration, and daily specials, visit and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for giveaways and more. For delicious, low-cal recipes check out https://leaf.nutrisystem.comLinks to my weekly Nutrisystem posts are below. I also post pics of the entrees daily on Chic Luxuries' Instagram and Twitter pages.

Starting Weight ~ 180
Week 1 ~ Lost 6.2 lbs. ~ Weight 173.8
Week 2 ~ Lost. 1.4 lbs. ~ Total Loss 7.6 lbs. ~ Weight 172.4
Week 3 ~ Lost .4 lbs. ~ Total Loss 8 lbs. ~ Weight 172
Week 4 ~ Lost 2.2 lbs. ~ Total Loss 10.2 lbs. ~ Weight 169.8

Until next week...

Disclosure: In accordance with FTC regulations, I am disclosing as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger, I am receiving 12 weeks of Nutrisystem food in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey. Affiliate links were not used in this post nor was any other compensation received. All reviews are my own.


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