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Cindy Crawford's Essentials by Urban Remedy Review

Organic food company, Urban Remedy, has partnered with Cindy Crawford to create Cindy Crawford's Essentials by Urban Remedy.

My food allergies are wreaking havoc on my body {and life} so I couldn't wait to give Urban Remedy's healthy meal service a try. A huge box arrived filled with enough raw, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices for three days. Urban Remedy uses super-fresh, organic, low-glycemic, plant-based ingredients.

Even with all the food that was in the box, one thing was immediately typical daily caloric intake is much too wonder I can't lose weight! I was afraid I would be starving, but to my surprise, I was satisfied after each meal and even had a bit of food left over. I did have a slight craving for an after-dinner dessert the first day, but I resisted. YAY me! ☺

Urban Remedy's smoothies and salads were delicious. One of my faves was the Mint Cacao Chip Smoothie with bits of minty cacao nibs ~ YUM! 

The colorful presentation of the salads were beautiful and appetizing and every one was better than the next. Faves included Veggie Pad Thai , Zen Salad, and Super Green QuinoaCindy's Essentials by Urban Remedy is an excellent way to jumpstart your healthier eating goals. I LOVED the convenience of the prepared meals that can be taken to the office or enjoyed at home. The best part for me was that at the end of the three days, I felt better, my eyes and skin looked brighter, and I'm now inspired to continue eating smaller portions and to make healthier choices. Although this isn't a cleanse or diet meal plan, I felt as though it was cleansing or "restarting" my system and I lost 5 lbs. after 3 days which I'm thrilled about. I'd love to try the 3-Day Beauty Healthy Meal Plan next. 

Cindy Crawford's Essentials by Urban Remedy 3-day kit is $175 and includes complimentary FedEx shipping. Subscription plans are available for $157.50. Meals, smoothies and juices can also be purchased a la carte at Connect with Urban Remedy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for specials, recipes, and inspiration. 

Many thanks to Urban Remedy and Cindy Crawford for inspiring me to eat ~ and live ~ healthier. xo


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