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AVEENO Mommy and Me Giveaway

To celebrate Mother's Day, our thoughtful friends at AVEENO would like to give one of our readers this adorably chic gift basket for Mommy and baby.

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Chic Giveaway ~♥~ Quick and Easy Entry ~ Simply click on "comments" at the bottom of this post and tell us your favorite Mother's Day memory. ***Be sure to include your facebook and/or twitter name so we can find you if you win

Contest ends 11:59 PM ET May 22, 2013. For Complete Rules and additional Gifting Events, please visit our Chic Giveaways page.

AVEENO is a registered Trademark of Johnson & Johnson. Thanks to AVEENO for providing the products and images for this giveaway. 


Abby :

My Favorite Mothers Day Memory was 2 years ago when my son was born. He came 2 weeks early and was the BEST Mother's day gift in the world ♥

Abby Kraynick Sovko

Rockn :

Mother's day 4yrs ago, just after baby #4 arrived home, knowing he was the last of our family to arrive, it was a special day to spend it as a complete family!

Unknown :

best mothers day so far was last year when Aubrey was so proud of the handprint shirt she made me saying worlds best mother.

Sandy :

My favorite memory was when my Mother was alive and all of my sisters and I gave her a wonderful brunch, with flowers and presents. It was my best Mother's Day!

Unknown :

My fav mother's day memory is when all of my siblings and I were together to take family photos with our mom after many years.

Tamar :

Nothing can beat last year's mother's day, the day I went home from the hospital with my 2 day old daughter.
tamarsweeps-at-gmail-dot-com :

Mother's Day memory.

Being in the delivery room when my first child became a mother herself. PRICELESS

Seeing my first grandchild being born was something I'll never forget

nickieisis3 :

My favorite memory is when I made my mother breakfeast in bed for the first time. It was a terrible breakfeast, but my mom smiled anyway.


Twitter: nickieisis3

Anonymous :

Every few years, my daughters birthday lands on Mothers Day and it is such a sweet day for me to celebrate because I would not be a mother without her. Its a quadruple sweet day celebrating my grandmother, my mother, my self and my daughter all in one day.

Stephanie Abdul

Unknown :

My favorite mothers day memory is when I took my mom out to dinner and surprised her with most of the family waiting there also. We're big on the family get togethers since we're all so close.

clc408 :

I remember my first Mother's Day as a mother. It was wonderful to be the mother of a beautiful baby!

FB - Cynthia Conley
email is in my google profile.

Anonymous :

Last year's Mother's Day was my favorite so far. My seven year old son drew a picture of me that was just wonderful! He was so proud and worked really hard on it. It meant a lot to me and is something I will always treasure.

Twitter: caseyannsweeps
Facebook: Casey Self

Anonymous :

Liked Aveeno on Facebook!


jlhooker888 :

I don't have any my mother was not a mother.

cdmtx :

My favorite memory was when my Mom was alive and we always had a big family dinner


Anonymous :

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Linda :

My best memory is my first year as a mother.

Sheryl :

My favorite Mother's Day memory was a Mother's Day Brunch a few years ago when my mother and grandmother were still with us. My mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister and her family, my father, husband and two sons were all there together. It was a gorgeous Spring day. The brunch was beautiful and delicious! We had a fabulous day together. What wonderful, precious memories!

Anonymous :

going to a Red Sox game that the Sox won in a walk off!

shann0n09 at yahoo

Robert :

My favorite memory was my wife's first mother's day with our daughter. The joy that she had on her face the entire day was something I won't forget.

Ms Janet :

My family wasn't always close, but one of the best mother's day was when my sisters and I took our mother to get food and took her on a shopping spree. Trying to give back a portion of what she gave us.

Ms Janet :

forgot to pur my handler @janetxplanet

Kathy :

Spending the day with my kids. They are grown now and I miss that.

Anonymous :

Incredible story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

Look at my webpage -

wigget :

when i was taken out to ihop for brunch

Anonymous :

favorite Mother's Day memory is every mothers day that I get to spend with my mother there all beautiful memories my facebook is @CarolynPresley8 and so is my twitter

Anonymous :

Mother's day dinner!

Anonymous :

My Favorite Mother's day was the last one I spent with my mother before God took her. I miss her dearly and wish I could spend one more Mother's Day with her..

Anonymous :

Favorite Mother's Day memory is when mother, sister and I went to a tea house very nice

Anonymous :

Mother's day memory was cook for our mother. Although not the best but was happy. .

Anonymous :

My Favortie Mothers Day was My First When My Son Started to Crawl. Best Moment and busiest Mothers day yet

Fred :

My favorite mother's day memories are the one's where both my mother and grandmother were all able to be together.

lalalahara :

i just had my first mother's day and it was amazing. i slept in and woke up to my 8 month old son chewing on my mother's day card to give me! we spent the day walking at the park and brunch outdoors. it will be hard to beat that in years to come!

Anonymous :

TAMMY SMITH: Victoria, Texas

Mothers Day this year 2013. Just found out I'm going to be a grandma and it's going to be a BOY!!!!! Grandma's little man. Can't wait to see him. Can't wait to go see my mom in nursing home in east Texas to tell her the great news. Hoping and praying she will be able to understand what I'm telling her as she had a stroke a few years back and her understanding is not all that good anymore.

Unknown :

My favorite Mothers Day memory is my son,responding to my indecisive ness. But Mom its Mothers Day we are going to celebrate you , its all,about u Mom. <3
Denise Pooser

Anonymous :

This one just yesterday! Got to spend it with my mom and a bunch of our family, and recently found out I'm a first time mama to be!

Amanda Vonson

noelle :

my favorite mothers day is every mothers day because I get new plants to plant in the garden and my kids pick them out with my husband. Every year I get a mish mash of flowers, some the same, some new ones. My kids then help me plant the ones they picked out. They are always so excited, which makes me very happy.

Unknown :
Michelle Hanley
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Anonymous :

When I was a kid and my family would all go to my great grandmas house for the day. Four generations of women in one house.

Crystal grenert

kelly :

most memorable mothers day was this past one may 12, 2013.. It was my daughters first mothers day with her 7 month old son, my grandson... the smile on their faces made my day..

kelly letterman

Anonymous :

My favorite Mothers Day was MOTHERS DAY 2012. My mother in-law had just moved in with us & we went over to moms house for a BBQ. It was our last Mothers Day with her & we will NEVER forget the good time we had. Now her daughter is pregnant for the 1st time, just a couple months after her passing away. Her wish was to have grandchildren and its heartbreaking to us that she is no longer with us. We know she is with us in spirit and know she is over joyed with the news that her only daughter is having TWINS!!
Candice Mejia-Palmer

Unknown :

My favorite Mother's Day is when my boys made me breakfast in bed with their daddy.Then I got flowers,a card and a cute charm bracelet.They had the house cleaned when I got up.Then the rest of the day was spent spending time with them.We cuddled played a couple board games,watched a movie and went to the park.Then to cap it all off we went out to eat at my fav Restuarant that night:)But any Mother's Day is great as long a my babies are around:)

kim t :

brunch at the plaza...divine!

Anonymous :

Dawn Favorite memory Was this year 5/12/13.
My son Brandon took me to a place I never was before. For Frozen Yogurt it was Awesome.!!!! He just smiled watching mom do all the taste tests... He gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, "I love you mom". We just might have to make this a "Tradition". I said, great I love it a and I said to the owner who came over and asked how was everything? I said,I love it and I will be back.

Unknown :

Actually this past Mother's Day was great because I was able to get her a Keurig brewer that she has been wanting for quite some time!! She was so happy!! She works a paper route at 69 years old and tries to take care of my niece and nephew on limited funds,so it felt great to be able to see her smile and almost cry!! Tonya Luv N' U Poteat

Anonymous :

best mothers day was 2012, my first as a single mom. My girls and i had such fun together. i loved every homemade gift and treasure them.

Anonymous :

The BEST Mother's Day was my 1st as Nana!! now if I win I could pass on these GREAT items to another new to be Mom. So many babies this year!
Nina Steul

loven mommy :

I accidentally became the person who delivered my neighbours baby. although, it came the morning after mothers day, it'll be something I will always remember on mothers day. helping another mom bring her baby into the world was so amazing. @thornedb

Anonymous :

This past Mother's Day was the best by far as I became a mom recently. Not only do I get to celebrate with my mom and mother in law, now I am officially a mom too, very excited!

Anonymous :

This was my first Mother;s day and was unreal suddenly I'M MOM. My little one is my world now so my first and best mother's day just I wish my mother and my sister were here. Jessica Avila

vianey :

This was my very first mothers day and it was amazing fair, shopping, dinner, I don't know how they are going to top it off for next year! Vianey Ruiz

Anonymous :

Preparing breakfast for my mom (I do it every Sunday, but I always make special for Mother's Day)...Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Bacon, Biscuits /jelly, Coffee and a long-stemed Red Rose in a vase to top it off...Then we go to church and afterwards over to my brother's for a Mother's Day cookout and where she is showered with gifts...

Unknown :

Yesterday was the best Mother's Day I could ever have asked for. You see, last Monday in the late evening, I had to rush my mother to the hospital. Long story short she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism, Paradoxical Embolism and they found a hole in her heart. I am so thankful she is still here and I was able to spend Mother's Day with her even if it was spending time with her in the hospital while she gets better. All of the Doctors and Nurses were amazed that she pulled through. My mom is a miracle! :)

April :

My favorite Mother's Day was this one. My siblings and I got my mom the gift that she most wanted. She saw a ring in a magazine, with 2 stones side by side, two names engraved on it, and, engraved on the inside, the words "soul mates". We had her and my dad's name engraved on it. My dad passed away last year, and she has really been struggling with his loss. When she opened the box and saw the ring, she just starting crying. This will be a wonderful remembrance of their eternal love for each other, and will bring great comfort to her.

aprilsmail at gmail dot com
twitter: aprilja

Johanna Mallozzi Owen :

Celebrating Mother's Day with 4 generations under the same household - my mother, my daughter and my grandchildren. What could be more special than being with all of your family and loving them so much.

ufg8trj :

the first time my mother held my son was my favorite memory
ufg8trj at yahoo

olga :

all the time in my life,is especial for me....

Jessica B. :

I had my son two weeks before Mother's Day in 2011. It was a very special time in my life. I loved receiving a card that said To My Mom. My son fills my life with so much happiness everyday.

Anonymous :

My first Mother's Day was when my son was 4 months old. I saved all of my 1st Mother's Day cards. It's fun to look at them. That was in 1995. He's 18 now and I just don't know where the time went. He'll always be my baby.

Anonymous :

My favorite mother's day memory is from this year because I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our first child. My husband made it very special for me. It's exciting to know that we are parents of a little one to come!

Anonymous :

This one with my kids fighting to get in the car on friday and be the first one to give me their mother's day gift. @easywaytosave

Nancy Mustafa :

The best Mother's day memory is just when i everytime hug mama and kiss her cheeks i really do miss her so much, so upset i couldn't travel & see her this time :(

steve weber :

it was last year, it was her last.. she passed away

groogruxking40 at gmail dot com

Jennyfer :

When my mother told me she was pregnant from my little sister, it was a wonderful special day and gift for both of us forever in our memories.

Mark :

Every day is a special day when thinking about my lovely mother. She is such a wonderful person.

Anonymous :

Having lunch at a very fancy place and later learning it was at the "five and dime"....It didnt take much to make us happy.

Ruth McIver-FB

Amy :

My best memory is my first year as a mother.

Anonymous :

For my daughter-in-law who has been a wonderful mother to my new grand-baby.

Connie :

Being a family with a breakfast and a trip to the zoo on a beautiful day.

Anonymous :

I think my ideal Mother's day is a day of pure pampering but that is unlikely so I would say every mother's day. I love that my family puts the effort into giving me a day of joy. I love the cards I get, the gifts from my daughter's daycare (from her) and my hubby loves to go overboard on the gift.

Anonymous :

I went into labor with my first child on Mother's Day! My "gift" didn't arrive until the next day, but no other Mother's Day will top that one!

Unknown :

Amanda Hart - my favorite mother's day memory has to be THIS mother's day, we are expecting our first baby in July and everyone in my family made a big deal that it was technically my first Mother's Day and I was showered with flowers, cards, and gifts and didn't expect a single thing! It's nice to be surrounded by so much love!

Linsi :

So far, my favorite memory is Mother's Day 2013 - I'm a first time mommy-to-be to twin girls due in October!

Linsi Wick

Anonymous :

Well this years Mother's Day was one to remember it might not be my "fave" but I won't for get it. My 15 year old daughter had an emergency Apendectomy on Mother's Day. So it will not be a year that we will EVER forget! Lily Lou (FB)

Anonymous :

My favorite mothers day was this past year, having all 3 of my children, knowing our family is set and loving them and helping them each and every day.

Anonymous :

Wow, my best Mother's Day was 18 years ago when my sister decided to adopt a little girl. Krystal is her name and she was so tiny we fell in love with her from the beginning her mother abandoned her at the hospital when she was born and the most beautiful thing is she was born on my sister's birthday May 10th. I have my own children and love them with all my heart but this child brought the family together and today she is beautiful, smart and a sweetheart.

Karen Verdugo ツAi shiteru [웃♥유] :

my favorite memory is Mother's Day 2013 : when I first had my baby in my arms

shaila :

I was missing my mom back home from 2years,but this time I gave birth a fabulous baby boy which made me Mother..n thus its a happy mothers day now on:-) I would love win this as I am big fan of aveeno products ,so is my son:-)


Anonymous :

It was incredible when my daughter said 'love you Mommy' for the first time on Mother's Day. Its a perfect Mother's Day gift.
Facebook name: Hermoine Nathan

Anonymous :

when my daughter in grade school years ago said she wanted to grow up and be a nurse like her mom! We both work in surgery and have lots of mom and daughter times together, it is wonderful! facebook Terri Ann Engelmann p.s my daughter is now due anyday with a baby girl who's name will be Ava!

kellyr78 :

My favorite Mother's Day memory is when my husband gave me a necklace with my son's birthstone in it, the Mothers Day after he was born.

Unknown :

My Favorite Mother's Day memory was when me and my sis made our 1st time to made cup cake for our mom

Anonymous :

My favorite Mother's Day memory was in 2011 when I got to spend all day with my daughter. :)


Anonymous :

My favorite Mother's Day memory is when my son who is only 17 months old came up to me hugged & kissed me and said I love you Mommy for the first time! It melted my heart, by far the best memory I've ever had! <3

Anonymous :

My Favorite Mother's Day memory is this year. My 7 year old daughter came to me about 3 days before mothers day and said "mommy, I really need you to go to sleep early tonight so I can talk to daddy about what I want to do for you for mothers day"! When I got off work on mothers day, I came home to a plant my daughter picked out so we can take care of it together, and a maternity shirt she picked out for me with a one of a kind mothers day card. I asked her what made her get me the shirt and she said "mommy I heard you tell daddy that you need new cute clothes because your belly is out growing all them, and I wanted you to feel beautiful on your special day"! It was sweet to know she cares and loves me that much!!

Claudia M. :

Best memories include huge lunch family get-together at mom's house on Mothers Day with mom and grandma :)
Claudia Matei (name on fb too)

Unknown :

My favorite Mother's Day memory would have to be the year I was pregnant with my first! It was so cool knowing that I would soon be a mother but I still got to focus on celebrating my mom as well :-)

Unknown :

I love Mother's day for the reason all my sisters get together at mommy home best memories ever

Danielle :

My favorite memory is going with my dad to get my mom something for Mother's Day every year, even when they were divorced he would still do it for Mother's Day and her birthday. It could have been a piece of garbage and she would have acted SO excited which made me feel good. My dad has since passed away so I take my son to do this for my mom instead.

Name - Danielle Lindquist
Facebook user name - Deegurrl83
Twitter user name - @Deegurrl83

Tyler Roberson :

Name=Tyler Roberson
Facebook=Tyler so.poetic Roberson

My favorite memory was last year 2012.I spent the day with her father and his mother. There was lots of laughs and gifts. I was pregnant with my daughter mothers day. It was the happiest feeling in the world to know that i would be bringing a life into the world. Even though she was not born it did not matter i still had a moving, living little person in me and that feeling was amazing. So much had happened to me that year and she was light of my world in that time. Mothers day was a reminder to be strong for her and to keep that joy because she was coming. I can truly say my first mothers day was one of the happiest days of my life. and joy at the life that was about to be added to our families.

Unknown :

Name=Jaclyn C Smith

My favorite memory of Mother's Day wName=Jaclyn C Smith

My favorite memory of Mother's Day was this year when my 18 year old daughter took me shopping and when we got home she handed me a bag said it was mine , and I pulled out a beautiful painted air brushed t- shirt that said ( World's Greatest Mom Love Shelby ) that just made my day. Then my oldest daughter came & brought my 4 yr old grandson & 10 month baby girl over to see me & aaawww she blew me a kiss & he said Happy mother's day ( Memaw) I Love You & She gave me a Beautiful card from the grandbabies & she gave me a gorgeous bracelot & 12 colorful roses just as beautiful as can be..then my middle child & her husband came later that evening and spent time with me and spent the night , Bought me dinner. I had the the most wonderfullest mothers day gift ever, spending time with the one's that i gave birth too and loved ever since i layed eyes on them, and even my grandbabies that i got too see be born. A wonderful day , just a wonderful day !!!Thank you Lord !


This year .... I got to celebrate my first mothers day with my twin daughters =)

Anonymous :

My favorite Mother's Day memory was when we took our mom on his first lino ride! She said "this is the most comfortable ride I have ever been on!"

heatherzilla :

My favorite Mother's Day was the first we celebrated with Riley. My brother and his wife waited 3 long years for the adoption. Of course, Riley is well worth the wait and is beloved by our whole family, friends and community. I will never forget how special it was to wish Tonya a "Happy Mother's Day" in 2011.

And now my youngest sister is expecting her first child. We are all over the moon.


Anonymous :

My favorite mothers day has been all of them, not just one! I feel so blessed to have 4 beautiful children and with each new addition, mothers day has just gotten better! Name- Jessica Pursley
Facebook name- Jessica Pursley

Unknown :

Having my babies of course <3

Anonymous :

My favorite memory was my first mothers day as a grandma. I can hardly contain my joy of her little handprinted love sign.
I like aveeno company

carolynishis :

My favorite memories is my mother teaching me how to cook!
Twitter name is @CarolynRBarnett and tweeted here.
Facebook name is Carolyn Barnett and i shared here
I shared on google+ as Carolyn Barnett

Valerie Taylor Mabrey :

My daughter had 100 balloons in my bedroom and each one had a reason she loves me written on it
vmkids3 at msn dot com

holly :

Without a doubt when my 2 sons cooked me breakfast before waking up. They had a mess from the kitchen to the bedroom! Lol. They are blessings and I love them more than anything

holly :

Also just wanted to add that my household uses aveeno products since we've tried them and this past weekend I had to purchase the oatmeal soap and lotion because both my boys got a severe case of poison ivy and it was the only product that stopped the itching! Hope we win the aveeno package. my email is

Catalina Aldridge :

My favorite Mother's Day memory is having our waffle brunch with mimosas... the whole family... my husband, son & grandparents. Simple yet sweet memories...
Twitter @catalinaisland
FB Catalina Kim Aldridge

tavernie :

When my husband and 3 kids made me breakfast in bed! It was only cereal and coffee but it was very special to me!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com
FB name Paula Tavernie

Anonymous :

My favorite Mother's Day memory was in 2011 when I found out I was expecting my first child. We announced the good news to mine and my husband's families on Mother's Day!! Our baby girl was born in January 2012 and she is the light of our lives!
FB name: Sarah Hanna (Sarah Soltow) :

My fave was when my 26 year old son was 6- He gave me a hand drawn picture of me-complete with a pink face in a pink frame.
Diane Baum

Unknown :

this year was My favorite Mothers day.. My daughter is in Kindergarten and the class sang to us at school and we had a tea party. such a sweet memory to keep forever.

Unknown :

comment above Tia Albright or Tia Nichole Albright

Unknown :

My favorite was this year because my daughter was old enough to give me flowers and a card. She was sooo excited to wish me a happy mother's day.

bunnyswagg :

My favorite Mother's day celebration with my mom was when we went to a wonderful chinese buffett and then went home and had the house decorated with flower stands and balloon bouquets. It was a very special day for us because we didn't have to cook a thing. @kissmonkeybutt on twitter

laurasloves :

My favorite Mother's Day was the day my daughter came home. We had wanted a baby so much and tried for years. We were beyond ecstatic when our daughter was born. Unfortunately she was 2 months premature and had a lot of health issues. Although I could go home, she could not. We were heartsick and would drive the 40 miles each way everyday to be with her. She looked so tiny an helpless and I felt the same way. They removed the tubes finally and she was able to eat and breathe on her own. On Mother's Day we went to see her and one of the nurses handed me a Happy Mother's Day balloon and attached were the release papers! We brought her home and as she held my finger, I knew that I was having the best Mother's Day in the world.
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com
Laurie Emerson

bmaglia :

@brsm8 my favorite would be just making my mom breakfast in bed!

Unknown :

best mothers day was 2012, my first as a single mom. My girls and i had such fun together. i loved every homemade gift and treasure them.

Unknown :

My favorite mothers day memory would be the one spent with my mom and grandma at the mall.

Anonymous :

My favorite mother's day was in 2009 when I was holding my 3 month old baby boy and experiencing my very first of many mother's days.

I'm on twitter at Brandy O'Connell


susansmoaks :

My favorite mother's day memory was the year that my mom and grandma and I went to lunch together, just the three of us. it was so nice to spend time with all three generations!

susansmoaks at gmail dot com

tony l smoaks on facebook

tammy :


My favorite memory of Mothers Day is when I was about 9 or 10 and I fixed my mom breakfast (cake) in bed with my Easy Bake Oven. Doughy in the middle but she ate it like it was a gourmet meal!

Sweetpea :

My favorite memory of Mothers Day is taking our annual picture of my sons in front of our blooming azalea bush.
FB Cathy Sapienza Tougher
Twitter @ctough24

LeAnna Pizarro :

I'v only had two, but the best was my 2done... and the memories it made. Nothing is better than being a mommy to a sweet little boy, and him run to you with a flower he picked and hear him say "luv you mama, for you" :)

Shea =) :

Last year.. hubby gave me an open heart necklace for Mother's day... First mother's day gift I ever received for being a stepmother to 2 boys =)

Shea =) :

Last year.. hubby gave me an open heart necklace for Mother's day... First mother's day gift I ever received for being a stepmother to 2 boys =)
FB - Shea Balentine
Twitter - @sheabalentine

Jo :

My favorite memory is when my daughter made me a very large Mothers day pin I proudly wore on my chest.
Facebook - JoAnna Danna
Twitter @Italcutie

jofo120 at yahoo dot com

Vikki Billings :

My greatest memory for Mother's Day is my grandson bringing me a dandelion as a gift, he said he did not have any money but that he got me this pretty flower. He is so sweet! - Vikki Billings

Clair Shumack :

Since my daughter has started kindergarden she has brought me flowers from school! And says when she is older she will go to the store and get me a real gift lol

Amy Z. :

My favorite Mother's day memory was spending the day with my mom walking in our beautiful local gardens!

twitter id: @alitsao

cindybaka :

This was my 1st Mothers day, and if the rest are anything like this one... i cant wait! I got to spend time with my little man and then we went out for dinner and enjoyed our family time.


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