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Leadership Recruiting Gifts

2 Successful Recruits: {see below for photos}

~Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde
~Bergman Kelly Set of 3 Sisal/Terry Loofah Pads
~White Lace Boot Cuffs
~AVON Palm Leaf Pendant Necklace
~AVON Modern Sculpted Hoop Earrings
~Tri-Color Necklace and Earrings Set
~Cross Necklace and Earrings Set
~Pineapple Luggage Tag 
~Flamingo Luggage Tag 

3 or more Successful Recruits:{see below for photos}

~My 1st Years Fleece Onesie 3-6 mos. Personalized "Landon"
~Girl Trunks Bathing Suit Shorts Size 12
~AVON Lavish Links Statement Necklace
~Mirrored Compact
~"Live Confident, Dream Big" Journal {not pictured}
~CZ Bar Necklace
~"Unwrapping Your Passion" 

AVON Lavish Links Statement Necklace

AVON Modern Sculpted Hoop Earrings

Tri-Color Necklace and Earrings Set

Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer 
Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde

Mirrored Compact

AVON Palm Leaf Pendant Necklace

My 1st Years Fleece Onesie Personalized "Landon" 3-6 months

White Lace Boot Cuffs

GirlTrunks Bathing Suit Shorts Size 12

Bergman Kelly Pack of 3 Sisal/Terry Loofah Pads

Cross Necklace & Earrings Set

Pineapple Luggage Tag

CZ Bar Necklace

Flamingo Luggage Tag

Unwrapping Your Passion by Karen Putz


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