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26 Acts of Kindness

Thanks to Ann Curry's inspirational idea, the true spirit of Christmas is being felt everywhere. The idea is to commit 26 random acts of kindness to pay tribute to each of the precious lives lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. It's amazing how your entire outlook on life improves when you spend your day thinking of what you can do to pay it forward through an act of kindness, big or small.

I heard about this on Facebook and immediately picked up the phone and called Helping Hands Mission to donate some of the larger items I was planning to sell in my moving sale. The driver called for directions. After a few minutes of our going back and forth and not understanding each other very well, he finally asked "Is your Mother home?". Normally, my Mom would be home as she lived with me for the last seven years, before passing away a few months ago. Still, the driver and I had a good laugh when he arrived and realized I was just a few years older than I sound {I'm 52!}. ☺

The following day driving through Starbucks, the guy at the window said "It's your lucky day! The lady who was just in bought a $10 gift card and told us to give it to the next customer". Tears filled my eyes as I told him about #26Acts. As corny as it sounds, I felt an instant connection to so many ~ Ann and all those participating in the movement, the woman who bought the card, the families in Newtown and the 26 precious souls now in Heaven. I remembered the question the driver asked me the day before, and looking up to the sky, couldn't help but think, "Yep, my Mother is home". 

Thank you, Ann Curry, for reminding us all of the reason for the season.Thank you also to the woman in the Fuquay Starbucks who left a $10 giftcard for the next customer, ♥ It was one of the best gifts I've ever received and made my Christmas! Praying for peace and comfort for the families in Newtown and for all those dealing with the loss of a loved one this holiday season. #26Acts Pass it on!
For those interested, here's a check sheet you can use:


Carlee Kaufman :

Thank you for reminding us that we are so blessed by so many things. This blog is a wonderful place to dream of our favorite things, but also a place to inspire others to dream big too! Imagine what a wonderful society we would live in if everyone would dream big, and commit 26 acts of kindness.

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