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dr. adam - PARIS, Cellular Therapy Review

dr. adam - PARIS, Cellular Therapy, is a luxury skincare line developed by Dr. Gerard Adam. Now available in the U.S., each custom treatment protocol is designed to assist in a specified skin care goal. We received the entire Deep Wrinkle Protocol line to try. Since it was stressed that these products should be used together, I am providing a description and price of each item first and concluding with my review on the entire line as a whole.

I used this twice a day for three weeks. As the name implies, this is a liquid cleanser that lathers lightly. It left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. A 6.76-oz. bottle retails for $49.

This has a delightful scent and did an excellent job of removing every last trace of dirt and makeup. Usually after cleansing and toning, my skins feels clean but tight and a bit dry. With Dr. Adam's products, my skin felt more youthful after cleansing and much less dry than usual. A 6.76-oz. bottle retails for $49.

I used this every morning for two weeks. It absorbs instantly and is non-greasy and ultra moisturizing. A 1.4-oz. tube retails for $90.

I used this every am and pm for three weeks. It is a light cooling cream which absorbed well and definitely reduced crow's feet. A 5-oz. tube retails for $92. 

I used this every morning followed by the Anti-Aging Repairing Day Cream and in the evening followed by the Night Cream. It is formulated to moisturize and soothe dry, irritated skin. A .5-oz. bottle with dropper retails for $84.

I applied this every evening after the Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care. Together, these were my favorite products! The first time I used them, I saw a significant decrease in wrinkle depth the next morning. A 1.4-oz tube retails for $90.

I used this every morning the last week of the review in place of the Intense Anti-Wrinkle Cream. A 1.4-oz. tube retails for $90.

The packaging of these products is modest given the cost, my first thought when I opened them was "These products better be PHENOMENAL!". I saw dramatic initial results, probably more so than any other product I have ever tried. There may have been continued slight improvement, but it was not as dramatic to me as it was in the first few days. I like that these products are hypoallergenic and can be used even on sensitive skin. The tubes and squeeze bottles ensure every last drop is used. The product that is in a glass bottle contains a dropper, so again, no waste. Overall, I LOVED the dr. adam, PARIS Deep Wrinkle protocol, my skin looked healthy, never felt dry and there was a marked reduction in wrinkles. The only negative was the quantity of products which was a bit overwhelming for me at first. I would love to see the company combine some of the products, if possible, to cut down on the quantity and cost. Although, like anything else, after using the entire regimen for a couple of weeks, it was much easier to remember when to use which product. In comparison to botox or a facelift, this line is a more affordable and pain-free alternative. Find the custom protocol designed for your skin care needs at and be sure to connect with Dr. Adam on Facebook.

Many many thanks to the generous team at dr. adam, PARIS for sharing their products with us, they really are PHENOMENAL! 

Photos courtesy of dr. adam, PARIS


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