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Blogger Review and Giveaway Opp

Maria Tirotta, AVON Senior Executive Unit Leader and CEO of AVONdreamers, is looking for bloggers to host reviews and/or giveaways of her favorite AVON products. Complete the form below if interested in participating. Selected bloggers will be contacted via email. This is an ongoing opportunity, every effort will be made to include as many bloggers as possible. 

About AVONdreamers: Maria's team consists of over 1,000 AVON Representatives across the U.S.  The AVONdreamers team ranks #15 of more than 500,000 Representatives in the U.S. Maria has been serving AVON customers for over 20 years. For more than a decade Maria's passion has been to lead, mentor and assist Representatives achieve their dreams while building their own successful AVON businesses.


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