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Blogging for Beginners ~ Guide to Finding Corporate Sponsors

Each week we receive several emails from bloggers just starting out wanting to know how we find the brands we feature on Chic Luxuries. I'm happy to share our tips below, but first let me take a step back and talk about creating a name for your blog. Keep in mind it should represent you and your vision for the blog. If your goal is to represent brands, be sure to choose a name that is professional. While you may find "Mommy with Three Kids in Poopie Pants" best describes your present lifestyle, ☺ unless you plan to pitch exclusively to Pampers, it is probably not the best choice if you are seeking corporate sponsors. Ideally the name should be one or two words.

Also, whether using blogger or wordpress, invest in the domain name for your blog, for just $10 a year, it is one of the best investments you will make for your blog., for example, sounds far more professional and easier for followers to remember than "". Check to see if the domain name is available before deciding on a name for your blog. Be sure to do so by using a secure hosting company, I like Years ago, when I started my online jewelry business, I searched for domain names using a popular hosting company. The name I selected was available, however, I wanted to run it by a family member prior to purchasing. When I went back to purchase it 30 minutes later from this well-known hosting company, it had been snatched up within seconds of my original search. Apparently, there are people who actually sit and wait for someone to do a search for the availability of a domain name, and then purchase it with the hope of reselling it for an outrageous profit. 

Pitching Companies and PR Reps ~
Start by writing a succinct email introducing your blog and the benefits the brand will receive, i.e. what other sites will the article be advertised on, number of followers on your blog, twitter, facebook page, stats if available, what will be included in the article {lifestyle images, links, etc.}

To begin, compile a list of your favorite brands. For larger brands, visit their website and look for a link to their press page. Often the contact info for their PR Rep or in-house marketing person will be listed on the press page. If it is not, try a google search, i.e. "PR contact for {insert name of company}" or "Press contact {insert name of company}" or "". If all else fails, use the main email address and ask the recipient to forward to the PR Department. For smaller companies, the main email address is usually sufficient.

Keep in mind you may send one hundred emails before receiving a single response. Try not to be discouraged, this is perfectly normal when just starting out. PR Reps and Department Managers receive thousands of pitches a week. If no response is received, move on. If it is a brand you are passionate about featuring, start a follow-up email folder and send another in six weeks or so. Persistence is great, however, I'm not in favor of bombarding the same company or PR Rep with multiple emails in a short period of time.

Finding Additional Brands to Feature ~
Once you have exhausted the list of companies whose products you and your family use, you will want to start searching for other brands to feature. Smaller companies and start-ups are often eager to partner with a blogger to create a buzz for their new product or company. is a helpful venue to find boutique businesses and start-ups looking to connect with bloggers. We found several brands to feature on this site when we were just starting out. Of course, don't overlook the obvious places to connect with businesses ~ blogger conventions, tradeshows, business expos and networking events. Twitter has been a huge source in our discovering new brands to feature. Follow and connect with as many brands as possible both on twitter and facebook. Read every available newspaper, national and local magazine, and blog that time permits and make a list of the companies running ads.

Finally, I believe content should be as positive and upbeat as possible. This is a personal choice, but again, if your goal is to partner with a corporate sponsor, I think it is critical to ensure your platform is not used to bash another business or individual. My advice is to use your influence in positive ways and it will come back to you at least ten-fold.

Please pay it forward by retweeting a link to this article. Sending every good wish for success and Happy Blogging!


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