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Haralee Pajamas Review

I recently discovered Haralee, a company that makes pajamas specifically designed for those who suffer from night sweats, After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, company founder Haralee Weinbraub, soon realized that a long-lasting side effect from chemotherapy is hot flashes and night sweats. It was at this time that she learned about wick-away clothing which draws perspiration away from the body to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. At the time, Haralee couldn't find any pajamas made from this fabric to help her get a comfortable night's sleep so she did what any inspirational, determined, extraordinary woman fighting breast cancer would do...she started the company! Talk about turning a negative into a positive! 

Barbara Pajamas, Photo by Haralee
I received the lovely "Barbara" pajamas pictured above which have a sleeveless top and capri pants. Both the pants and top have Haralee's signature lettuce edging helping transform these pajamas into loungewear. The Caribbean Blue color is a deep shade of teal. I purposely rolled these up into a ball when I took them off to see if they would wrinkle, but no matter what I did to them they looked just pressed...even after sleeping in them! Of course one doesn't have to suffer from night sweats to wear these pj's, but if you do, you will adore them. I particularly loved the capri pants and the edging definitely is "the cat's pajamas". Lightweight and ideal for traveling, I am definitely taking them along on my next trip.

All of Haralee's products are made in the USA and the company donates a portion of every sale to support Breast Cancer Research. The Barbara Pajamas retail for $62 and can be found at Free shipping with a $150 purchase. Follow Haralee on Twitter and be sure to like them on Facebook where their fans save 10% off their purchases with promo code "Facebook". 


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