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Living Proof's No Frizz Review

Our friends at Living Proof sent us their frizz line to see what we thought of it. Lately my hair seems frizzier than usual for this time of year. It could be some of the products that I've been testing that didn't make our editorial cut, or it may just be all the wiry grays that are multiplying at lightening speed. In any event, I was so pleased with Living Proof's Restore line that I reviewed a few months ago, that I was anxious to try their No Frizz line. We tested ~

frizz Shampoo ~ An 8-oz. bottle retails for $24

frizz Conditioner ~ An 8-oz. bottle retails for $24

frizz Straight Styling Spray ~  A 3.4 oz. bottle retails for $26

According to the website, maximum results are achieved after 5 uses. I used all three products for three weeks and they absolutely reduced the frizzies. I let my hair air dry until about 90% of the moisture was gone before blow drying which is what I usually do. My hair seemed to dry much faster {both air drying and with the blow dryer} after using these products. What's especially nice is that the products allowed my hair to hold a curl. For some reason I expected to have straight, flat hair after using these products. Although the frizz line smoothed my hair, it also left in the body which I was happy about. This pic was taken after being outside in a mix of weather ~ overcast, cloudy, damp with peeks of sun.

The instructions state hair will remain cleaner and I found this was true, the products didn't leave a greasy residue. My hair color didn't seem to fade at all with these products, and with what I spend on coloring my hair, this scores huge points with me. My colorist tries to pick up the same strands of hair during each highlight and consequently some of the highlighted strands had started to look a little frayed. The frizz products seemed to repair the split ends and and left my hair incredibly soft. Overall, I give these three products very high marks. They are definitely worth a try if you have frizzy, damaged or porous hair. 
I am highly impressed with the two product lines I have tested from Living Proof. From what I can see, they offer a solution to every hair care issue and since our hair says so much about us and how we feel about ourselves, we all deserve to have a good hair day everyday! Find the line that's best for you at and get social with them on Facebook and TwitterEnjoy free shipping and samples with every order!

Thank you, Living Proof, for sending us your awesome products to try. ♥


Anonymous :

what a great tip, thanks for sharing this!
Jennifer G.

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