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CLEANCut Dispenser Review

What a happy surprise when I looked outside my door and found the CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser sitting on my front porch Saturday morning. I was not aware we had been selected to review it ~

I like clutter-free countertops, I admit I'm a little fanatical about it. I also love under-the-counter appliances so this product is right up my alley. Checkout this video and see for yourself how cool CLEANCut's technology is ~

We're having our kitchen painted in a couple of weeks and I thought we should wait until after it was completed to install our new CLEANCut but rather than postpone the review I tried it out on the kitchen island ~

CLEANCut is available in different finishes, we received it in Stainless Steel which is perfect. We go through rolls and rolls of paper towels in our house, I especially love the feature that cuts the towels to your desired length regardless of the perforation...very ingenious, economical, and earth-friendly. Whenever I bake cookies, my hands are always covered in batter, the CLEANCut touchless sensor is so convenient while cooking or baking. Also great for those with small children for quick clean-up of spills.

This product reminded me of my days working in Catering, CLEANCut is a must-have for professional kitchens. Actually, I can think of many businesses that would be perfect for...craft shops, ceramic studios, even doctor's offices and hospitals, kindergarten, nursery schools ~ the list is endless!

CLEANCut Dispenser is available in Stainless Steel finish for $159.95 or black or white for $139.95 at Order by December 25 and receive FREE shipping and a complimentary bottle of stovetop cleaner. "Like" CLEANCut Dispenser on Facebook too!

Many thanks to the folks at CLEANCut for gifting us their unique dispenser. 


Anonymous :

cool idea!

Anonymous :

I absolutely LOVE my CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser!

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