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Chic Luxuries Twitter Giveaway

We are less than 500 followers away from our next goodie box giveaway. This one is filled with beauty essentials to pamper the winner from head to toe. Contents include ~ 

♥  Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss RV: $7.00
♥  Sheer Cover Introductory Set ARV: $9.99
♥  Aussie Shampoo ARV: $5.99
♥  Pantene Conditioner ARV: $5.99
♥  Avon Skin-So-Soft Shower Gel ARV: $10
♥  Avon Footworks ARV: $6
♥  Avon Moisture Therapy ARV: $6
♥  Avon Lip Gloss ARV: $6
♥  Anew Cleanser ARV: $10
♥  Goody Hair Accessories ARV: $9.99
♥  Natural Instincts Conditioner 
♥  Herbal Essences Shampoo ARV: $5.99
♥  One Love Organics Cleanser and Scrub ARV: $15
♥  Cattiva Lip Gloss ARV: $24
♥  Freshology Drink Mixes
♥  Luminiere Mineral Makeup ARV: $10
♥  Poopourri Slap Happy Handcream ARV: $19.95

Help us reach 6,000 twitter followers by RTing the contest and you're automatically entered to win! Sample tweet ~ RT @ChicLuxuries is giving away a Beauty Bundle {ARV: $150} when we reach 6K followers. Follow/RT to enter #contest #giveaway #win

Good luck and thank you for following Chic Luxuries.


Janna :

I tweeted for you!!!! So exciting!

Janice :


Shannon Orton :

I tweeted for you


pinkpigss :

I tweeted :)

SurfCityMimi :

I tweeted for you! Good luck upping your followers!

Andrea Mencarini :

I tweeted! @dreabeat

Anonymous :


gaby :

following on Facebook chic luxuries:Gabriela Aguilar.
awesome giveaway.
tweeted the giveaway: @1chynna
following..please enter me..crossing my fingers

Anonymous :

yay i did it!

candycane75 :

Tweeted about the giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. :


Rose Santuci-Sofranko :

Tweet...tweet...tweet...tweet! Done! God bless. Rsoe

ThePixieSprinkles :

Tweeted about this giveaway as PixieSprinkles3 here:!/PixieSprinkles3/status/147055736252416000

Thanks! =)

Anonymous :

i tweeted about contest!!/lucyran21/status/147247802102190080

Liz Harvey :



Nancy R :!/eyewonit/status/147320314462879745

Janna :

I tweeted for you again!!!!!/IamJannalee/status/147354824621563904

Danielle S. :

What a great prize package! I tweeted here, just for quick reference:!/gimmetweets3/status/147372072442671104


Stephani :

Tweeted, thank you! Kaltir

Melissa :!/thebookharlot/status/147484339532333056

Annalisa Diaz :

I tweeted!!/tsgoods/status/147513575102095361
Champion1953 at

Unknown :

tweeted -!/misteedawnw/status/147524492250451968

misteedawnw at aol dot com

Elyse Angel :

Tweeted. <3!/UhhhhLease/status/147590159280504832

Sarah Walker :

I tweeted!!!!/lover2387/status/147597131484643328

Sarah Walker

Ms Janet :



Nancy R :!/eyewonit/status/147791516079898624

The Sleepy Dreamer :


Anonymous :

i did all the entering

Cinderella10383 :

I tweeted- @cinderella10383!/Cinderella10383/status/148282299987927040

Jamie Brigham
cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

BlackAsphodel :

Tweeted here:!/BlackAsphodel/status/148477414861840385

hanabata :

Retweeted!/ChicLuxuries/status/146604465229795328 {jaydonco1}At{AoL}DoT{COm}

Amy Orvin :


Anonymous :

Awesome giveaway!

carla carr :


Ladytink_534 :



Unknown :

Tweeted :)


Name: Sarah Walker


Tonic67 :

FB: Toni Marie Caravello
reannenny at
Twitter: Tonic67

Lisa G :

RT and following:!/Adriana1954/status/151715731669651457
sugarandsalt (at) hotmail (dot) com

Cynthia k :

I weeted for you under name cynderma. Following both on FB name cynthiajoyknisley and twitter cynderma. Love to win. Thanks for the great contests

Cynthia k :

Forgot to tell you my email again.

Cynthia k :

I would love to win. I twittered on name cynderma. my email is

Cynthia k :

Tweeted Cynderma. Good luck to you and to me. email

MaReesa Dawn :

tweeting it out!! to kick off 2012!!! love to win @1marketingqueen

sewingmema :

Tweeted and following @sewingmema!/sewingmema/status/152746169062260736

Cynthia k :

I tweeted that you should be followed. Hope that brings you more followers. Also tweeted the above test. Plus liked on FB and followed on Twitter. @Cynderma

Cynthia k :

I tweeted. Good luck to me and to you

Rose Santuci-Sofranko :

I tweeted for you too! God bless. Rose

marybaker112 :

I Tweeted: marybaker112 Mary Baker
@ChicLuxuries is giving away a Beauty Bundle {ARV: $150} when we reach 6K followers. Follow/RT to enter #contest #giveaway #win
37 seconds ago Favorite Reply Delete

New English Mum :

I tweeted!/NewEnglishMum/status/155814754089308161

Thank you for the opportunity! I would so love to win this! Good luck on reaching 6000!

Donna Fiorino :

tweeted this on Dec 30th

Sheryl :

tweeting @textiff

Anonymous :

follow & Tweeted:!/TerriJFrost/status/156783761923649536

frost.terri at gmail dot com

Anonymous :

I tweet and shared...Good Luck Everyone.
Sandra Cortez

Deb Hornick Gotham :!/DebG1959/status/157083945396224001


Holly S. :

I tweeted here:!/HollyStormEtsy/status/157195529988739075

Patricia N :

PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

BlackAsphodel :


ladylisa1 :!/ladylisa1/status/158239118445383680 I have been tweeting but not logging my entry in?

Unknown :

I am following you and tweeting for you. Three of my followers have 6,000 followers. 3 have 2,000 followers. and 2 have 1,000 followers. Good luck.

BlackAsphodel :


BlackAsphodel :


kari alford :!/kariberry002/status/159317006271782914
Tweeted this giveaway, kariberry002!

BlackAsphodel :


BlackAsphodel :


Anonymous :

Tweet complete:!/TerriJFrost/status/159729592763039744

frost.terri at gmail dot com

Unknown :

Love to win. Hope you reach your goal. Twitter name Cynderma. Email

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/160082866741583872

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/160414187158380544

amasfun47 :

amasfuntime at yahoo dot com

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/160772494616297472

kitkat234 :

Tweeting! @kitkat234

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/161147033086984193

trishden :

Gave this a tweet here:!/trishden/status/161164986243231745

Thanks for a great giveaway!


BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/161478563802001408

Patricia Wojnar Crowley :


BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/161869923902160896

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/162214287622938624

susansmoaks :!/fdp4life/status/162252474667896833
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Dee W :

I tweeted!/Mommy24babies/status/162269738679025665

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/162598708263911426

Robin Quick :

RT the giveaway!/RKQuick/status/162681964778897408
mnrquick at yahoo dot com

Anonymous :


frost.terri at gmail dot com

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/162947057563348992

debralu :

Tweeting as @debralu! Here's my tweet:!/debralu/status/162944523100631041

aunt447 :

Sweet package.

Holly Hennessy Swint :!/astroqueen67/status/163165744916467712 *Holly Hennessy Swint

Ms Janet :

I tweeted! GL!!

BlackAsphodel :!/BlackAsphodel/status/163346601191030785

Lindsay :

I tweeted for you : )

lifeonprint :

Thank you so much!!! I cannot open the email link to claim my prize...can you please DM me on Twitter with the email I am to send to?

Thank you so much!!


gaby :

Following this giveaway..its amazing..Shared on FB:Gabriela Aguilar

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