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Weleda Pomegranate Firming Facial Care Review

I love pomegranates, the look, the taste and the scent of them so I was looking forward to trying Weleda's Pomegranate Firming Facial Care line. They generously sent me their entire Pomegranate skincare line for aging skin to try which includes ~

Pomegranate Firming Serum ~ This silky smooth serum contains organic golden millet high in vitamin E and pomegranate oil rich in antioxidants and is intended for use prior to the Day and Night Cream. The serum is light, translucent and softly scented with just a whisper of a fruity fragrance. It was easy to apply, no mess, no dripping, not at all sticky and my skin seemed to "drink" in the product. I found that the Day and Night cream glided on my skin after applying the serum and it appeared as though the creams were being absorbed quicker with the serum than without. The 1-oz. bottle retails for $45.

Pomegranate Firming Day Cream, also softly scented with a very light fruity fragrance. The cream left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and gave it a healthy rosy look. I couldn't ask for more! A 1-oz. tube retails for $33.

Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream is a light, scent-free, all-natural product containing pomegranate oil, macadamia nut oil, and organic sunflower petal extract. A little goes a LONG way with this product. It did help smooth the fine lines around my eyes which is not an easy task! The .34-oz. tube retails for $33.

Pomegranate Firming Night Cream This product is loaded with organic oils ~ borage seed oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil, pomegranate seed oil and argan oil ~ all of which provide deep hydration and nourishment for the skin and aid skin renewal. Amazingly even with so many oils, the cream is not at all greasy. It is creamy, fluffy, and like the Day Cream, glides on over the Serum. And my skin actually does feel as though it is firmer since using it {Love} A 1-oz. tube retails for $37.

Overall, I am very impressed with this line, the sizes are perfect for travel, the scent is WONDERFUL, the products feel good on my skin, and the results are noticeable. I will continue using the entire Pomegranate line and encourage you to give Weleda's products a try. They offer skincare for every age and skin type ~ Youthful, First Lines, Aging and Sensitive. You're never too young to take care of your skin!

You can find Weleda's luxurious skincare products online at and be sure to connect with them on Twitter @Weleda and "like" them on Facebook to learn about new products, special offers, and fun contests.

Great job, Weleda! Thank you for allowing me to try your chic and luxurious skincare line. 

                                                                         ~ Barbara xox


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