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Review of Living Proof's Restore

OMGosh! I have discovered a miracle product for my hair ~ and yours, if it's dry or damaged  ~

Living Proof's Restore is the first weightless solution to tackle high porosity. "Before hair is ever color-treated, processed or heat-styled, it is virgin hair ~ strong, soft, shiny, smoooth and manageable. Virgin hair has a protective layer that keeps it in great condition. Constant washing, brushing, heat-styling and processing damage this layer ~ leaving your virgin hair very porous, unable to seal in moisture, and defenseless against damage. After 5 uses, Restore reduces hair's porosity by 100% (20% after each of the first five uses)."

The kind folks at Living Proof sent me the entire Restore line to try ~ Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Treatment. I had VERY high hopes for these products and they did not disappoint. My sister and I talked about the price before trying the line and both agreed if it did in fact restore our hair, we would definitely purchase it. Normally, after I shampoo and condition my hair, I need an arsenal of styling products including an additional leave-in conditioner to tame and smooth it. I wanted to see the true results from Restore, so I held my breath and didn't use any additional products.

My hair felt like silk in the shower. After blow drying, it was soft, smooth and definitely less frizzy. The true test was going out in the rain, actually it was more of a mist. My hair's volume did increase in the mist, but didn't frizz as it normally would have and I hadn't yet used the product 5 times.

I usually let my hair air dry until about 80% of the moisture is out before blow drying. I noticed with Restore, my hair was less frizzy before styling as well. 

One other noticeable difference was how long my color lasted. Perhaps this is due to the fact I'm not swimming or in the sun as much this time of year, however, the product certainly didn't cause color fading. 

The Restore Mask Treatment is recommended for use 1-2 times per week instead of Conditioner. As much as I loved the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, of the three products, this was my favorite. It is sheer luxury for your hair. 

I HIGHLY recommend the entire Restore line for anyone with damaged, dry, or frizzy hair. Try the Restore Discovery Kit which includes a 2-oz. Shampoo, 2-oz Conditioner and 1-oz Mask for $29 including shipping and see for yourself the difference.

The full-size products are also available on The 8-oz. Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $28 each; the 8-oz. Mask Treatment retails for $42. Connect with Living Proof on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know about all their awesome products.

Thank you, Living Proof, for creating a solution to dry, damaged, processed hair and for allowing me to try your amazing Restore line.

                                                                                 ~ Barbara


mail4rosey :

I have not heard of the product until just now. I fully intent to check it out upon your review. My hair has just been a mess lately with hairspray build-up and heat damage. Just a mess...

aceboy :

The products are nice but I like the virgin hair better

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