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TJ Maxx Blazing a New Trail in Social Media

The future for fashion and lifestyle bloggers just got a little brighter thanks to TJ Maxx who is setting more than just fashion trends these days. For years brands have looked to influential bloggers to spread the word about their products, now TJ Maxx has taken the power of social media a step further.

As the first retailer to feature a blogger in a national television commercial, TJ Maxx understands that consumers relate to "real-life" spokespersons. Not to imply blogger Lindsey Calla, aka Saucy Glossie, is "average-looking", Lindsey is stunning and looks as though she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Still, kudos to TJ Maxx for recognizing the value of the brand-blogger relationship. 

I'm certain we'll see other retailers follow TJ Maxx's lead. Congratulations, Lindsey, and best wishes for success to you and TJ Maxx on this fabulous campaign.


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