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Poo~Pourri Review, Special Offer & Giveaway Alert

You just have to love a company that has a great sense of humor and with products like Heavy Doody, Crap Shooter, and Lil' Stinker, clearly the folks at Poo~Pourri definitely "doo"!

Poo-Pourri sent me some of their newest as well as best-selling products to review. I first learned of this company from a friend who carries the line in her boutique. I hadn't tried the products but wondered how they could possibly eliminate odors by "spritzing the bowl before you go"?

I tested Poo-Pourri's original spritz bathroom freshener. The bottle design is adorable and is decorated with a stretchy band that fits around the bottle neck with a dangling silvertone "P" initial charm. It has a light, refreshing, citrus scent and, as the product claims, amazingly with just one spritz eliminates embarrassing odors entirely. It's not that the odors are covered up with a heavy scent, they literally just vanish...poof...gone. "The product's essential oils create a film barrier on the water's surface to stop odor at its source"...GENIUS! A 4-oz. Spritz bottle retails for $14.95 and since a spritz is all that is needed, one bottle will last for up to 200 uses. 

Next, I tested OH! MY GOODNESS Slap Happy Natural Anti-Aging Hand Cream with UV Protection. Another clever idea to put UV protection in hand products. This has a very light and pleasant scent, it quickly absorbed into my skin and was not greasy. I love that the line is all natural...the hand cream contains shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, and watermelon extract. Available in two sizes, 2-oz. for $6.50 and 8-oz. for $19.95 retail.

One of the newest additions to the Poo~Pourri line of bathroom sprays is Crap Shooter! Another cute label decorates this bottle, this one with a cowgirl and a silver boot charm hanging from a rope around the bottle's neck. These are some of the most creative products ever designed. The slogan on this bottle reads "Spray the bowl first, guns a blazing, the smell is contained, this stuff is amazing"! :) Crap Shooter contains an infusion of Cassis, Citrus Peel and Fir and like Poo~Pourri's original scent, knocked out odors with a single spritz...POW POW! Crap Shooter retails for $14.95 for a 4-oz. bottle (up to 200 uses).

All Poo~Pourri's bathroom sprays are safe for sewer systems and septic tanks. Those with a sensitive sense of smell, like me, would agree Poo~Pourri's bathroom fresheners should be in every home and office. They even make purse sprays!

Poo~Pourri is extending a 20% discount to Chic Luxuries readers, simply enter code LUX20 at checkout. And be sure to keep an eye out here in October to learn about some of their other wonderful products and to enter to win a Chic Giftset that Poo~Pourri will be sending to one Chic Luxuries reader.

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