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Does Your Makeup Disappear During the Day?

If your makeup doesn't last through the work day, it could be because it is being applied too soon after moisturizing. Allow moisturizer to soak into skin for ten minutes before applying makeup. This way skin drinks in the moisturizer without absorbing the makeup.  

Also, if your skin doesn't quickly "drink in" moisturizers and you find the product is just "sitting" on the top layer of your skin, it's time to exfoliate. 

Be sure to clean all makeup brushes once a week in a mild handsoap or shampoo to keep skin clear.  Brushes that contain makeup and product buildup are not only a breeding ground for bacteria, but they can actually scratch skin. Makeup will also glide on easier with a clean brush. 

To clean brushes:

  • Rinse in warm water with bristles pointing down
  • Squirt a drop of mild soap in your palm and swish the brush around, rinse (with bristles pointing down) until water runs clear
  • Lay flat to dry on paper towels, reshape if necessary


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