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The Sweetest Little Luxury...

If you ask me there is no sweeter little luxury than a Lindt Chocolate Truffle.  I usually have to close my eyes when I walk by them in the grocery aisle for fear I may buy every bag on the shelves and eat them before I get home.  I first tried Lindt truffles early this year after winning a package of them on twitter. Recently a male friend of mine was talking about them on his facebook page and couldn't remember the name, but from his description which included "a little piece of heaven", I knew exactly what he meant! This week they were on sale for $2.99 at CVS and I couldn't resist. My favorite is Milk Chocolate Hazelnut. Their creamy center is delightfully decadent and the chocolate is as smooth as silk.  They make a nice hostess or "thinking of you" gift for someone special or to share with your family.  I like to leave them on bedroom pillows when we have guests over...assuming I don't eat them first.


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