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L'Occitane's Luxurious Angelica Line

L'Occitane graciously sent me their ENTIRE Angelica line from a contest I won on Twitter! I couldn't wait to try it.  The packaging is exquisite and the scent delicate and beautiful. (I have a pet peeve about putting a skincare product on my face that has a strong odor).  When I opened the first bottle, I imagined strolling through breathtaking gardens in the South of France...definitely a pleasant way to start or end the day!

I received the following Chic Luxuries ~

Angelica Hydration Cream 1.9 oz., item #197349, retails for $39

Angelica Eye Roll-On, .3 fl. oz., item #187397, retails for $26

Angelica UV Shield SPF 40, 1 fl. oz, item #197363, retails for $34

Angelica Gel Cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz, item #197325, retails for $20

Angelica Protective Lotion SPF 15, 1 fl. oz, item #197356, retails for $34

Angelica Face Toner, 6.7 fl. oz, item #197332, retails for $20

These products compliment each other perfectly to provide a luxurious skincare experience for your face. I found a little product goes a LONG way. The Hydration Cream, UV Shield and Protective Lotion all absorbed quickly into my skin and were not at all greasy or heavy. My fav products from the Angelica line are the Hydration Cream, Gel Cleanser, and Eye Roll-On. I used the Hydration Cream at night on my face and neck, it instantly smoothed the wrinkles in my neck and made my face feel silky smooth. As the name implies it has a rich and creamy texture. 

I prefer lots of bubbly suds in a cleanser but didn't expect a gel cleanser to foam so much, I loved it! I've been using the Angelica Gel Cleanser with my Clarisonic and together they have their work cut out for them.  

The Angelica Eye Roll-On is wonderful in the morning for "de-puffing" eyes.  It's a cool and refreshing "wake-me-up" for eyes! I can't wait to try it when traveling.  

I've used the entire product line for 6 weeks and see slight improvement in lines and wrinkles. My skin is definitely not as dry. I'm enough of a realist to know the damage from years of sun worshiping will not disappear over night however I'm optimistic, with continued use, I will see even more positive results. I've read reviews on L'Occitane's Divine line, it sounds as though it contains more advanced anti-aging properties. I'm anxious to try it to see which line my skin responds to better.  

Either way, I'm encourage by what I've seen so far and L'Occitane has found a new customer.  Thank you again L'Occitane for these awesome Chic Luxuries. xox


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