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Coach ~ A Chic Luxury First

Welcome to Chic Luxuries! I thought it would be fitting if my first blog post was about a favorite "first" purchase. I had a milestone birthday this year and thought I would FINALLY treat myself to the Coach Rocker Bag that I have been eyeing for months...okay maybe years. This totally chic luxury retails for $278 at Coach BUT, if you're lucky enough to have a Coach Outlet in your area, you may be able to find one there for less than half price. I paid $125. Even at full price, this bag will not disappoint.

I am not a huge collector of handbags as some of my friends are, although there was a time I changed purses each day just to match an outfit. Something tells me I won't be changing handbags again anytime soon. I absolutely adore this bag and it has gone EVERYWHERE with me. I especially like that it can be worn all year long and matches just about everything in my closet. It also has a pretty pink lining which makes finding keys and lipstick easy and it is the perfect size for me.

My only advice would be to not wait as long as I did to purchase one!


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