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Clarisonic ~ Chic Luxury for Your Skin

What can I say about Clarisonic that hasn't already been said? Stay with me, I'm sure I'll think of something. I have enjoyed sonic technology for years for my teeth so I had a hunch the reviews would be fairly wonderful.  I had no idea, however, how over the top they would be.  I stumbled across a site that had over 5,000 reviews on the Clarisonic (that's right 5,000!) and I would say at minimum 95% of them rated this little wonder as extraordinary. Women wrote they couldn't wait to wash their face! Now I like my face to be as clean as much as the next person, but not being able to wait to wash my face?  Clearly, these women must not have lives, I thought. Still, after reading one outstanding review after another, I HAD to own one.

I originally searched for info on the Clarisonic because I had a clogged pore that was bothering me and after months of trying every home remedy in creation, I decided to take the plunge and order one.  I was immediately impressed when it arrived to read the company offers new customers a $25 credit toward a future purchase (for brush heads, cleanser, etc.) for simply registering a new Clarisonic on their website.  Using the sensitive brush attachment, I washed my face morning and night for six days with the Clarisonic and....voila my clogged pore has almost disappeared.  And guess what?  The results were so dramatic that I, too, found myself looking forward to washing my face with it.  I'm hoping, with continued use, it will have the same disappearing effect on my wrinkles....stay tuned.

The Clarisonic Plus retails for $225 and comes with three trial size cleansers and a skin polisher. Clarisonic currently has a GWP offer on their website which includes a travel bag and their refining skin serum which together is a $40 value. It's a pricey chic luxury but based on nearly 5,000 women most of whom report that it is the best investment they have ever made for their skin, I think it's worth it.

Update: After 8 days of using the Clarisonic that pesky pore is finally unclogged...AMAZING! I'm now considering purchasing the Clarisonic Opal for eyes.  I HIGHLY recommend this Chic Luxury for your skin.


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